Inviting kids to join the #kidsnewstube movement to learn and lead by creating

Please reach us at newstube4kids@gmail.com to support the campaign and to be featured on our website


Welcome to KidsNewsTube. My name is Jove Noble and I am 9 years old.

We kids do not have an exclusive news channel today giving us age appropriate content, but everyone expect us to be informed about everything. Does that ring a bell?

How do we solve this?

The only way out, is for all kids to come together and start sharing and contributing news that's appropriate and relevant for us.

How can you participate?

Pick a topic/news that you are passionate about and share an update by taking a video. Send it to us and we will publish it on our channel.

Who can participate?

Any kids across the world aged between 5-13 can participate in this movement.

Any additional instructions to shoot the video?

Yes, please follow the below guidelines as you prepare the video

  1. Let's share good news. Let's share positive news. Let's share the latest news

  2. Make sure the content is informative, educational and relevant for kids (avoid news about politics, religion, crime, propaganda and all other topics that are not appropriate for ages 5-13)

  3. Prepare the content and have an adult to proof read

  4. Keep the video under 2 mins

  5. Take the video holding the phone horizontally and steady

  6. Make it look appealing (not a must)

  7. You can pick topics that are local, country specific or global in scope

What's in it for you?

  • You have an opportunity find your voice and make an impact

  • You have the opportunity to make the world a better place for all kids

  • You will be joining a group of enterprising volunteer reporters from across the world

  • Top contributors will get opportunity to feature in our weekly edition of news for kids

  • Leading volunteers and contributors will find their way to 'KidsNewsTube Hall of Fame'